Hello world

It is so hard to know where to begin, I mean what is the most interesting thing about me that makes good first post material. Then I thought a little introduction was in order…

First of all, I am a horrible story teller, which is why ‘literally’ must be my favourite word – I need it for the added effect! Words and pretty pictures are much more me and don’t involve my public speaking voice (yes I have one)!

Murder she wrote is my all time favourite tv show – I often think what would Jessica Fletcher do?

I love clean spaces, less clutter calms my mind.

I have magpie tendencies, beaded bags, sequin jackets, sparkles in general!

My pom pom slippers make me happy, so do green drinks, chocolate, kitchen dancing, surprising people, dad jokes and pineapple on pizza*.

*I thought it best you know who you are dealing with, the last one can cause quite the controversy.

What can you expect on Literally Donna?

Well.. expect pretty pictures, poses, striped tops, sparkly shoes, weekend adventures, green juices and the occasional yoga mat.

And just to get us started, this is me in all things neutral. Autumn and cosy knits are two more things to add to my list of favourites!

 img_4059Jumper .  Jeans . Lips

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