Is a change really as good as a rest?

Finding the good in situations is something I love to do. It isn’t always easy and I’m not saying that everything is always rosy. But I have been trying to learn more about myself recently and a huge revelation came – negativity does not motivate me.

Ground breaking isn’t it!


I never was one of those people who took criticism as a sign to do better. After a test I never wanted to stay after class to find out where I went wrong. Starting new hobbies and not being good, well then it just wasn’t for me!

How can it be I am only realising this part of my personality is a double edged sword (is that the right saying? ) I think it is time to embrace it, while yes negativity does not motivate me, I hope I am always the person trying to find something good from every situation, I think it is time for a change.  F. Scott Fitzgerald said “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” So I think that makes this a perfect time for some (quarterly?! Clutching at straws now!) resolutions.

#1 Embrace failure. Embrace trying new things. Embrace stepping out of my comfort zone. Embrace new opportunities. Embrace learning. Embrace inevitably falling on my face. Embrace a whole new me. I feel like this blog will take care of ALL of the above.

#2 Stick to good habits. I set my sights too high for most new endeavours, go to one yoga class and research travelling to Nepal to become a guru of zen-ness for example. While I like where my imagination takes me with endless life possibilities I have realised our daily habits make us who we are. So for now I am going to make things more simple. Drink more water. Stretch. Get outside. Eat fresh. Sleep. Repeat. (I know what you are thinking… wild times to come on here!)

#3 Finding simple happiness. Not big flashy trips or huge shopping hauls. No distractions just finding contentment. Not that my budget allows for private jets and Chanel splurges. But I have been known to blow my wages on a Zara spree every now and then, under the false pretence that everything can be returned (lets be honest, it never is!) Lately things have been stressing me more than they should and I have been finding distractions, not solutions. So from here on in, I am determined to read a book instead of online shopping. Have an apple instead of an ice cream. Getting to the bottom of things not just finding a short term distraction (or sugar high!)

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