Let me make this simple

For a couple of years I have been becoming more and more interested in how we live our lives. What we put in our bodies and what we put on our skin. I find the idea of living a simpler life freeing.

The buzz words of minimalism and clean eating have been everywhere lately, and while we are all Mary Kondo-ing the life out of our wardrobes and jumping on the plant based food wagon, it got me thinking about what we put on our skin – makeup, shower gel, shampoo, nail polish. Suddenly I got a desire to make everything a little simpler.


I found the amazing RMS Beauty at Cult Beauty. These beautiful products are chemical free. And the more I read Rose Marie’s website the more I wanted to try them.  After researching these products and watching hours of youtube tutorials and reviews I was 100 per cent in. I ordered the ‘Un’ cover up which also acts as a foundation depending on how you apply it, as well as the pop signature set and the beauty oil.


At the moment my skin has looked better, it is going through the roller coaster of emotions that has been my life lately. But I must say these products feel divine on your skin. Granted coverage can’t be compared to other mineral lovelies which I still swear by some days when I just want to put a proper face on! But most days I have been embracing these amazing products, they are helping me feel better about myself from the outside in.

And I have to mention the smell, the beauty oil in particular gets very mixed reviews when it comes to the scent. It would appear  to be the marmite of the chemical free beauty world. I have to say I LOVE it! It reminds me of vanilla essence and all the amazing memories of baking cakes as a child. For me it is sentiment in a bottle!


Other favourites lately have been my new Butter nail polish, this amazing brand I picked up at M&S has reduced the number of chemicals in its formula. I have also been a fan of Lush for their shampoo and conditioner bars, chemical free and no packaging…winning.

There you have it, a little summary of how I am trying to simplify things a little around here.

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